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Get insights and competition benchmarking on your business

About Airslip

Real-time business analytics : Connect all your accounts from ecommerce, point of sale, accounting and banking so you can get real-time analytics to grow your business

Benchmarking : See how you compare against your competition.

Get more valuable data : By linking all your accounts your data is enriched with meaningful actionable data points.

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Get insights and competition benchmarking on your business

Calculating valuable insights into your business manually can be hard, time-consuming or near impossible.

Airslip takes away the burden of having to calculate metrics on a spreadsheet. Simply link your Shopify and all your other accounts from banking, accounting and any other systems you use to process sales and get actionable insights on your business in seconds.

Existing use cases

  • Compare revenues and growth rates against your competition
  • Common debt ratios to understand how much you could safely borrow for growth.
  • A startup with negative cash flow wanting to calculate cash burndown rate for investors.
  • Analyse your business performance with various integrations from banking, commerce and accounting
  • Analyse expenditure to understand if you could save money

Airslip platform

You will require an email to sign up for the Airslip platform. After signing up you will be presented with your dashboard, reporting and accounts you are able to connect. Once you have connected your Shopify account you will be able to see insights to help you grow.


  • Easily link your accounts in a couple of clicks
  • Visualise your income, expenses, inventory, margins and more
  • See how you compare against your competition
  • Get tips & tricks on where to save money or invest


You are always in control of your data. Your data is kept secure and encrypted with our hosting provider. If at any time you would like to disconnect your Shopify account then simply disconnect on the Airslip platform

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Launch date
May 03, 2022

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