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Import orders to Airtable and create Email & Slack automation

About AirScout

Import Abandon Cart to Gorgias : Send abandoned checkout, and other customer events, directly into your Gorgias, ZenDesk or other help center tool.

1-on-1 Custom Setup Calls : Call or email us, and we will schedule a free 30 minute customized set up for your store. Specific to your unique automation needs.

Airtable Import : Achieve greater controls of your customer data. Import Abandoned Checkouts, VIP, Repeat, and Custom Product Tags into an Airtable sheet.


Import your important customer and order data into Airtable

Airtable is a smart spreadsheet tool which gives you incredible amounts of control over your data. Our app's objective is to create a connection with Airtable. With AirScout you can import these following four types of customer and order events into Airtable.

  • Abandoned Checkouts
  • Product Tags
  • Repeat Orders
  • VIP Orders

Automate emails and workflows

With Airtable you can send simple, and personalized, automated emails to customers to recover sales, thank VIP customers, request reviews, or anything you might want to do through email.

You can also automate workflows with Airtable. For example, if you want to be alerted on Slack or Email when an important customer event takes place, i.e. high value abandoned checkout, huge VIP order, or a specific product purchase.

Unlimited Shopify abandoned checkout storage

Store more than just the last three months of your Shopify abandoned checkouts. Shopify has a policy to only store up to three months of your previous abandoned checkout information. This can be pretty frustrating especially since many of these orders have important details which merchants can use to generate a sale and successfully acquire the customer. With AirScout you can push these abandoned checkouts into Airtable so you have them forever.

Create data visualization dashboards of your abandoned checkouts

You can also create dozens of charts and graphs with this data to give you the best understanding of which products are most abandoned, what kind of customers are abandoning the most and other cart details. This will help you create better conversion rates and generate ideas for ways to plug holes in your customer's checkout journey.

Great for abandoned checkout call center services

Abandoned Checkout recovery services are a growing opportunity. High value carts are more likely to be recovered through a 1 on 1 conversation, such as a phone call, SMS, or a personalized email. Airtable, through AirScout, allows you to build workflows to effectively be alerted about these opportunities and action on them.

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February 08, 2022
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