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Plug And Play : Just add your credentials and start using our app for your end to end fulfillment process

Hassle Free Fulfillment : All your bookings are just one click away

Keep An Eye On Your Order : You can track your order anytime, anywhere


Spending a lot of time to fulfill each order manually? This problem is solved now! With our app, you can do bulk order fulfillment and CN(consignment number) generation in few clicks which reduces the human effort and chances of errors.


  1. Consignment number generation & order fulfillment: Expedite your process. In AHLogistic app consignment number generation is not a single feature it will give you one step ahead. CN generation will lead you to the order fulfillment and change the fulfillment status into fulfilled.
  2. Courier invoice: Free from hassle. Before this app, you manually get the courier invoice. Welcome to the automation era. You can generate the bulk AHLogistic invoice in our application with the single click for your order processing operations.
  3. Track your order: Customer Loyalty. Now you can track your customer order after dispatch. AHLogistic will provide you with each update against your customer order.
  4. AHLogistic statistics: Build a relationship. AHLogistic is transparent in its relationship with you. It will provide you with the figure of CN generated byAHLogistic service.
  5. Logs: Accountable for each step. This app will update you each action has taken on the order of your customer with time and date parameters. You can track each flaw in a second.
  6. Reports: Investigate your progress. This app will give a detailed description to stick you on your set goal track.
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October 17, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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