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About Agora ‑ Amazon Affiliate Tool

Manage your Amazon Affiliates : Manage all your Amazon Affiliate products with ease, and import them into Shopify in just a few clicks

Price & stock sync : Keep your product details up to date with automatic price and stock level syncing

Affiliate product localisation : Send people to your affiliate product in their own country's Amazon store, increasing your conversion rate

Amazon Affiliates

Agora lets you seamlessly manage your Amazon Affiliates store, allowing you to quickly add new products and keep them in sync. This means you can shift your focus to building your audience and marketing millions of Amazon products to them.

How does Amazon Affiliates work?

  1. Use Agora to import Amazon products to your store
  2. Market the products you import to your audience
  3. For every sale, Amazon will reward you with a portion of the value of the sale

Agora's Features

  • Seamlessly import products from Amazon, including all images, product description, product features, price and whether the product is in stock
  • Edit all product details before importing
  • Automatically applies theme customisations - no need to mess around with your theme
  • Automatic price and stock sync - if the product becomes out of stock on Amazon, it will be marked as out of stock in your store
  • Product localisation - add links of the same product in any of Amazon's international stores, your audience will be redirected to the store closest to them

Note: Automatic theme customisations only available on the following themes: Brooklyn, Boundless, Debut, Jumpstart, Minimal, Narrative, Pop, Supply, Simple and Venture


  • Agora is in no way affiliated with Amazon, no matter how cool their affiliate program is
  • When signing up for the Amazon Affiliates program, be sure to read their terms and conditions and understand what you can and can't do in the program. We take no responsibility for you not doing so
  • Affiliate marketing, like any venture, requires a lot of time, effort and commitment to understand and be successful at. It's not as simple as just setting up a Shopify store, importing some products and watching the money roll in
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December 17, 2021
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