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About AdWhatCost: Ad Insights & UTM

Fast & Reliable Reporting : We only report orders that can be verifiably allocated to one of your ads via our UTM matchmaking – in next to real time

Ad Profitability Tracking : Factoring in ad spend, shipping & cost of goods sold, we calculate the profitability of your Facebook & TikTok ads based on verified orders

Unlimited Attribution Window : We analyze the whole customer journey inside of your Shopify store & attribute orders to the latest UTM parameter set recorded

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Reliable Conversion Tracking

In the light of progressively inaccurate ads reporting and a partial reliance on estimations in the post iOS14 era, reliable reporting data has become an increasingly rare commodity.

AdWhatCost gives you an accurate and most of all reliable account of all orders that were verifiably placed by visitors of your store who have clicked on your Facebook ads, Instagram ads or TikTok ads within their customer journey. To do so we use UTM parameter sets to match your Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) & TikTok Ads data with your Shopify store data.

For the purpose of full transparency & traceability, we come with receipts, in the sense that we list each order on the respective ad’s detail page.

Instant Insights

Ever since the release of iOS14, ad conversion reporting has not only become less accurate but also slower with reporting delays of up to several days. We analyze your customer’s journey as soon as Shopify linked it to your orders to give you the ad performance data in close to real time to put you in a position to be able to make educated scaling decisions at a moment’s notice.

Profitability Tracking & Calculation

On top of your ad spend, we also take your cost of goods sold (COGS), shipping costs and tax into the equation. This means that our app can give you a more accurate account of your ad’s profitability as well as advanced performance marketing KPIs such as ROMI (return of marketing investment: profit / ad spend). Of course, we also deliver traditional paid social metrics such as ROAS & ACoS.

Unlimited Attribution Window

We don’t just look at the converted session that brought about the order, but rather meticulously analyze the entirety of sessions that make up your customer’s journey inside of your Shopify store. This way AdWhatCost can lift the one-week click attribution constraint put on you by ad platforms like Facebook. The only limit to the length of your attribution window is the length of the respective customer’s journey!

Item Quantity Insights

Our item quantities table delivers insights into the purchase behavior of customers whose purchase was triggered by one of your FB ads, IG ads or TT ads. Spot trends and adjust your creative and copy efforts accordingly!

UTM Tracking

As for insights beyond Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics and TikTok analytics, you can rely on our UTM tracking feature to deliver verifiable conversion data for all your marketing campaigns that are equipped with UTM parameters.

Customer Cohort Analysis

Track your customer cohorts on monthly as well as on weekly basis to analyze your customer retention and explore invaluable data such as your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and your Customer Live Time Value by cohort.

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