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Increase your sales, motivate your customers to buy more

About Motivation Bar

Increase your sales : Motivate your customers buy more by showing them how close they are to get the reward

Advanced goals setup : Make your goals reachable either by cart amount or certain product or total cart quantities. Stage your goals. Offer a free gift as a reward

Advanced customizations : Make your bar display depend on customer country, time period. Customizable bar style, position and background to fit your store theme

Motivation bar

Boost your sales, motivate your customers to buy more by showing them how close they are to get the reward.

  • Unlimited active goals - for example, you can specify the first goal to be FREE Shipping after $49 and the second goal to be a FREE Gift after the customer spends $99
  • Tracks how much customers spending and shows how much more is left to reach their goal
  • Tracks quantity of either certain product or all products customers have added to a cart and show how many left to reach their goal
  • Stage your goals - specify the minimum amount or quantity when your goal will be displayed
  • Goals achieved by the amount customer spends or either total or specific product quantity
  • Free gifting - you can offer a free product to motivate your customers even more, for example, "Spend $99 and get a free T-shirt" or "Buy 5 Hoodies and get a free T-shirt"
  • Two way to offer free gift - the app will create a copy of the chosen product with $0 price or use recently announced Shopify Automatic Discounts (BOGO)

Fully Customizable and Responsive

  • Fully customizable, fits your store theme
  • Customizable position on a page - top/bottom, sticky/non-sticky
  • Fully responsive, and works on all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Make your bar or certain goal clickable
  • Upload a custom background for your bar

Advanced Targeting

  • Geo-targeting - make the motivation bar appears in a certain country only
  • Scheduling - want to run your promotion for a certain time period? Just specify the start and stop time and your motivation bar will be displayed according to your schedule automatically
  • Easy installation - no developers needed

(For Shopify partners) FREE to install with the Premium plan for development stores

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September 26, 2018
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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