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About Advanced Invoices / GST

Generate GST Invoices : Generate Invoices by choosing in-built data fields for countries like India , Canada, US, UK, EU etc

Customize Your Invoice : You can easily customize invoices to match your brand style by including Brand Logo, Legal Brand Name, Address and GST Number

Generate Custom Reports : You can generate custom reports based on customer , product , refund , state .

generate invoices and reports

Advanced Invoices/GST is an easy app designed for your businesses all across the globe to automatically generate invoices for their clients.

Key Features

  1. Share the generated invoice with your clients in just one click.
  2. No technical or accounting knowledge is required to use this App.
  3. Customize the admin , assign tax limits and generate tax reports in a few seconds.
  4. Easily Bulk Export the invoices in one click.
  5. Customizable rules for Invoice Date and Invoice Number.

We offer tax settings specific to your country in India, US, UK, Australia, Canada , New Zealand etc. Also, the state and provinces are shown based on the country where the store exists.

Generate Invoice with Tax details

Using this app, you can easily generate invoices for your clients in the right format in compliance with your country’s Taxation rules. The app automatically fetches order data and generates Tax ready invoices without importing into third-party software.

Assign Invoice Details Based On Your Products

Assign specific details while filling the invoice, based on the nature of your product. Based on your country’s practices define the parameters to be accounted for while calculating tax. Once the invoice is generated, you have an option to email, download and print your invoices.

Customize Tax Slabs Based On The Location

You can specify different tax slabs based on the location of your admin and your client. Tax can be managed based on billing address and shipping address. We now offer you the flexibility of choosing the location so the tax can be calculated accordingly.

Customize Your Invoice Based On Your Branding

You can generate invoices according to your brand by including some of these parameters.

  1. Company Logo
  2. Company Legal Name
  3. Tax ID Number
  4. Contact number
  5. Company Address

Exempt Limit

You can set a tax exemption limit based on your country’s taxation laws. Whatever limit you set, that limit will not be taxable.

Generate Packing Slips

You can generate your packing slips containing all information regarding your shipment. You can choose the fields you wish to include in the packing slip including number of units, package details, invoice details, shipping address, billing address etc.

Access Credit Notes

In case of any refunds, you can generate credit notes so you account for sales and refunds separately. You can not just use this for your own records but also issue the same to your customers instantly.

Generate Taxation/GST Reports

You can generate instant reports of your sales and refunds. You can also generate a location specific report. This will help you to get an overview of your total sales and total refund amount based on the region, product, discount coupons.

Compatible with Advanced PreOrder(Partial Pay)

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September 17, 2020
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