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Automate Your Google Shopping Campaigns with Rules

About Google Shopping Ads Optimizer

Save Time : Let our app do the work for you so you can take care of other aspects of the business.

It Never Sleeps : Our app is using Google Ads API, and runs without taking a break, to make sure you optimize you campaigns

Save Money : Let our machine optimize your campaigns based on simple rule you define to stop wasting money on products that are not converting

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Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads Automatically

One of the overlooked optimizations and waste of money when running Google shopping campaigns is not excluding products or search terms that are not converting. Those products and / or search terms are eating your Google shopping ads budget, and reducing your ROAS and ability to scale.

How you can optimize your Google shopping campaigns with our app?

You simply create a rule for one or more Google shopping campaigns with conditions to optimize based on products or search terms. Once set the rule our machine will run based on the frequency you selected, and exclude products within the condition.

Q: What are the metrics i can set the rules?

You can set the rule based on: - ROAS - Cost - Conversions

Example: Exclude all products that the cost is >$50 and conversions = 0.

Optional - If you need to implement conversions simply select the account your want to add conversion pixel, click on the embed conversion button and you are ready to go!

Q: What type of Google Shopping campaigns the app can optimize?

A: The app can optimize both types of Google shopping campaigns, smart and standard.

Q: How you can optimize smart Google shopping campaigns?

A: Optimizing Google smart shopping campaigns are based on the performance of the products. Once a product will fall into a certain rule, it will be excluded.

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November 29, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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