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AdLinks collects your data to optimize your Meta campaigns

About AdLinks

Collect User Data : We collect data using first-party cookies. We extend cookie expiration from 1 to 30 days so you get better insight into who converts when.

Connect User Journeys : We connect user journeys and feed your pixel with user-enriched data so your pixel knows who's converting and who isn't.

Pixel Optimization : We feed that enriched data to your pixel, training it to show ads to the right customers with pre-iOS14 power.


AdLinks reconnects your iOS14-scattered data and uses it to optimize your crippled pixels.

Advertising was crippled by iOS14. We at AdLinks believe your campaigns shouldn’t be penalized for changes made by tech corporations.

iOS14 limited your tracking to a 1- to 7-day window. AdLinks extends your cookie to a 30-day tracking window.

iOS14 limited cross-browser tracking (if your customers, say, tap on your ad in their mobile browser and make the purchase later from their laptop, then that’s considered dark traffic). With AdLinks, you can track your customers across different browsers and devices from first touch to purchase.

Here's what's going on under the hood: This app will install webhooks to alert AdLinks' back end servers when users add items to cart, initiate checkouts, and complete orders. The app also installs code in your theme.liquid file to gather browser data for use in stitching user journeys.

Made by ad buyers for ad buyers, AdLinks exists to equip you with your own brands' data and make your pixel work for you in a way that may feel a lot like life pre-spring 2021.

Note: This app must be used in conjunction with an AdLinks account.

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Launch date
August 02, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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