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Buy now, pay when you want. 0% interest and in minutes.


Addi is a technology company focused on making all commerce digital in Latin America.

We have launched a new method of payment, faster, safer and more secure. We allow merchants the possibility of offering their customers to pay in installments with 0% interests whatever they want and when they want, in minutes. As it should be. A new way to buy!

  • Buy now and pay later
  • It's simple, fast and safe! The client only needs their identity document and WhatsApp!
  • 0% interest! And no additional costs

Addi has operations in Colombia and Brazil. We offer the possibility of paying in installments for merchants in physical stores, e-commerces and telesales. Our process is completely digital and in minutes, being paid to the merchants within 7 days after the purchase.

To start selling with Addi, simply install our payment application and get in contact with our team to close the commercial alliance. Once we configure the store on the Addi platform, the payment method will work correctly.

How will your customer pay with Addi in your store?

  1. The customer will select the products he wants in the store. On the products page, Addi provides a widget that informs you about the Addi payment method and the distribution of installments. Additionally, the customer can request the pre-approved purchase limit.
  2. When finalizing the purchase, the client selects the Addi payment method. Afterwards, the customer will be redirected to the Addi platform, from where he will complete the purchase.
  3. Within the Addi Platform, the customer fills the form with his personal data, some of those we get pre-filled from the store.
  4. Addi will show the payment options.
  5. Subsequently, an identity review will be carried out with the client's document.
  6. Afterwards, the customer will confirm their purchase, with a code sent by SMS.
  7. Done! The purchase will be confirmed and client will return to Shopify to obtain the order details.

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February 18, 2022
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