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Accessibility Assistant - ADA Compliance for Visually Impaired

About Accessibility Assistant – ADA

Phones and Tablets are Support : Increase the number of people who can reach your website.

Avoid Colossal Penalty : Cleave to country accessibility law-thus avoid colossal penalty.

Driven Sales Opportunities : On-time attention to the disabled makes the ambiance revenue-driven almost.


Accessibility Assistant - ADA is a piece of accessibility software that allows your visitors to tailor the site to their specific requirements. On the other hand, it aids you in improving Accessibility Assistant Apps.

It makes it easier for people with dyslexia and other challenges to consume and navigate your website. The Accessibility Widget will strengthen any weak points on your site that may cause accessibility concerns. Increase Compliance through Adhere to the country accessibility law. This app helps to increase accessibility compliance of your store

We're delighted to inform that, owing to Accessibility Experts, a large number of websites are now more accessible. The Accessibility Widget intelligently modifies items on your site that have been detected as non-compliant, preventing keyboard-only navigation, or violating ADA Compliance or WCAG Compliance. Being the Customizable app, we have accessibility tools in tact with your site identity

Accessibility Assistant - ADA is best-in-class accessibility solutions ensure your site is ADA Compliance and WCAG Compliance.

  • Increase in brand value by implementing the Social Responsibilities at one.
  • Cleave to country accessibility law-thus avoid colossal penalty.
  • On-time attention to the disabled makes the ambiance revenue-driven almost.

Our Amazing Features:

Keyword Navigation

User can address focus on any components of the website, so in turn disabled user can highlight the particular component which is easily visible.


This converts color mode into black and white mode, so that the color blinded user can read and access the website.

Gigantic Text

As the name itself defines, this option augments the text size up to 4 levels.


This feature enables immense Cursor and Reading Mode. With the help of immense cursor, the user can easily identify where the cursor is located. With the help of reading mode, the user can track the line position.

Starring Links

This highlights all the anchor links to identify both the internal and external linking on the website.

Additional Contrast

This facilitates different modes like Invert color, Dark Color and Light Color mode etc.

Who Get Benefits ?

  • Ease of access for the Blind
  • Ease of access for Visually impaired
  • Ease of access for Aged
  • Ease of access for motility impaired
  • Ease of access for Contingent Disabilities
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October 08, 2019
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