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Wholesale Reimagined : Shop unique items from high-quality indie brands in the U.S. & U.K. all at wholesale prices (50% of MSRP).

Low-Risk Sourcing : We offer free returns on your first order from every brand so you can easily try items in your shop and return what's not selling.

New Local Brands Added Weekly : We add new local indie brands every week so you can be the first in your area to source items from brands near you and support local.


This isn't dropshipping. This is wholesale reimagined.

Those unique products at your local boutique? They're from Abound. High-performing indie retailers and e-commerce boutiques buy wholesale from us. Why? They get more margin for profit than dropshipping, better products from local brands, a direct line of communication with each brand, and free returns on their first order from every brand.

Order on Abound. Sync to Shopify.

  • Shop for items on Abound and place your order. Once the brand accepts your order, you can easily sync the items to your Shopify shop so you can start selling quickly!

Unique, local, handmade products

  • Find products that your customers will love from brands they'll be excited to support. All of our brands are located in the U.S. or the U.K. and you can search by location to find brands local to you.

Low-risk wholesale buying

  • This isn't the wholesale you're familiar with. We have low minimums, free returns on first-time orders from every brand, and Net 60 terms so you can try items in your shop with little to no risk.

An indie and shop local revolution

  • We built Abound to help indie brands and retailers thrive. Connect with brands on your block and begin selling their products immediately!

High-quality brands

  • All of the brands on Abound are hand-selected by our product sourcing experts to assure the highest quality and integrity.

New brands added weekly

  • There are always fresh brands and exciting new items to discover. High-performing indie retailers check our New Arrivals daily. Why? So they can be the first to offer items before any other shops in their area!

Free returns

  • Every time you place your first order from a brand on Abound you get free returns for 60 days so you can be sure that brand's items are a perfect fit for your shop. Note: food, consumables, and customized items aren't eligible for returns.

Low order minimums

  • Brands on Abound offer low minimums so you can try their products with a small order first and buy more if the items are selling.

Direct message any brand on Abound

  • Send messages directly to brands on Abound using the Abound Messenger!

Friendly and available support team

  • Our support team lives all over the U.S. and the U.K. If you have questions or need help, we're always just an email away!

Order now, pay 60 days later

  • Apply for Net60 terms to order now while paying 60 days later.

Join Abound today and help us transform wholesale and revitalize main streets everywhere!

Note: You must be a verified reseller in your state or country to shop on Abound.

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September 09, 2020
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