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Web Push Notifications-Abandoned Cart Recovery. Live Recover

About WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart

Recover Abandoned Cart : Automatically send cart abandoned web push to your customers who left their order unpaid. Kindly remind them to complete their orders.

Boost Your Sales : Abandoned cart web push, Price Drop Alert and Arrival Notice remind customers to checkout so to increase your conversion rate and earning.

Discount, Send on Local Time : Send notifications at an appropriate time make convenient for subscribers. Incentivise customers to checkout with a discount code.


Web push notification- a great retargeting marketing method to solve the cart abandoned and turn these abandoned carts into revenue & retain customers and encourage checkout by multi-web push notifications without asking for customers’ email. It is a new e-commerce channel - Push Marketing. Help Shopify store owner recapture the lost sales and increase the conversion rate.

Automatic Marketing

Abandoned cart is the biggest problem faced by merchants, a huge loss in potential revenue! And not only the abandoned carts, do you notice that the loss before customers add items to cart? Customers give up the checkout and even do not click the add to cart button. Now, do not need to collect their emails so abandoned carts recovery and increase the conversion. Win your customers back. Boost your sales.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Web Push

Save the hassle of your workflow with abandoned cart recovery automation. Turn on the automatic abandoned cart web push, three consecutive abandoned cart web push with intriguing preset message will send to your subscribers automatically at a set time.

Price Drop Alert

Automatically push the notification to subscribers when a product drops price. End their hesitation, encourage the purchase. Do not miss any sales.

Back in Stock

Remind subscribers there is the product available now with Back in Stock Web Push automation. Arouse their desires in shopping.

WebPush Notifications with Discount Pop-up

You are able to include discount info in your web push message to your subscribers. They will be seeing a discount popup (discount widget) on your website after they clicked on the web push. They can copy the discount code from the pop-up and to use it to checkout right away.

Increase Your Store's Conversion Rate

Remind your subscribers of their left cart at the right timing is able to recover your lost sales and turn them into revenue. In addition, send the web push with discount will boost your conversions further.

Subscriber Segmentation

The App segments subscribers into groups, such as the same-conutry. You could create targeted campaigns according to it. For example, you could send the Free Shipping to several countries with campaigns.

Send Web Push at Scheduled Time or Subscribers' Local Time

Send the web push to your subscribers when they are away from the computer or asleep is useless. Therefore, we should always send the message at the right time. Figure out when your subscribers are online and send them the push.

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November 14, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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