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About FREE A/B Test banner bar

Increased sales & order value : Add Free Shipping bar and test if it's increases your client's order value Than test if Free Shipping on Orders Over $X increases your AOV.

Ready made A/B test templates : A/B test banner bar includes ready made A/B test gallery that will help you create testing with no time. Banner is A/B TEST Banner bar.

Get real and quick results : A/B test banner bar will give your scientific and quick results covered by analytics. Stop using your imagination use A/B testing bar


Increase Sales and Average Order Value by using A/B TESTING BANNER BAR

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more, so use it!

A/B test banner app will help you increasing your current AOV (Average Order Value based on your last 3 month of orders). You will use Free Shipping as a tool and give free shipping on Orders Over $X Amount [order threshold] With A/B Test all you need to do is choose one of the premade templets Free shipping vs Current shipping price Free shipping vs Target Order Value $XX Target Order Value $XX vs Target Order Value $ZZ

With those templates you will answer yourself about the questions: If adding Free shipping bar is increasing sales and your AOV If adding Free shipping on order over $XX increasing sales and your AOV What is the order Target (threshold) that maximize your AOV.

For each test you will have all the data and summary for the data so it will be easy to determine who won.

A/B test banner bar also can check two different design, colors and more for every banner bar.

These are some of the capabilities of the A/B TESTING BANNER BAR :

  • Creating as many testing as you like
  • Create your own text for the free shipping bar
  • Split your customer base into two groups (at the same time) - A / B and more
  • Show for each group different order target for free shipping price
  • Test Group will be the same for the user between sessions - even if they visit your store multiple times
  • Determine for the test what will be the order target rate for his free shipping price
  • Determine for the test purchase value by price that gives free shipping price
  • Summary of all data to Determine who won
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August 26, 2021
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