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The key to into customer loyalty and retention with No-code AI

About 8ndpoint ‑ Retention with AI

AI generated insights : 8ndpoint’s AI algorithm generates new actionable business insights every month to help increase sales and prevent losses.

Know your customers & products : Automatically segment customers and analyze products to create personalized campaigns to boost engagement and brand loyalty.

One click, whole picture : Get key e-commerce metrics, such as LTV, AOV, % repeat customers, and much more in our integrated dashboard.


Boost sales and customer loyalty with 8ndpoint!

We help shop owners:

  • Improve customer experiences through personalized campaigns and automated customer segmentation
  • Improve retention and minimize churn through AI predictions
  • Optimize business performance through product analysis - promote the right products to the right audiences at the right time


Customer Segmentation

Not all customers are alike. With 8ndpoint, customers are automatically grouped into segments based on past purchasing habits. From here, shop owners can generate customized campaigns - such as reactivating “Sleepers” with discount campaigns or running VIP campaigns to boost sales amongst “Loyals”.

Plan Ahead with Predictions

Customer segments are fluid and influenced by a variety of factors. 8ndpoint helps shop owners gain an extra edge by using our proprietary algorithms to boost retention and minimize loss.

  • Churn Alert: Predict which customers are most likely to churn in the future, and run marketing or discount campaigns to prevent or minimize losses.
  • Loyalty Gain: Predict which customers are most likely to become loyal customers, and run reward campaigns to target and double down on these VIPs.

Product Performance Analysis

Besides customer segments, 8ndpoint ranks top performing products every month and automatically plots products onto our four-quadrant matrix for easy visualization and decision-making.

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April 08, 2022

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